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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Did Ryan Mallett Hurt His Stock In The Sugar Bowl?

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This space is reserved for all things 2011 NFL Draft, but for the most part, coverage will be devoted to quarterbacks. Let's face it, they are the most interesting and important position on the football field, and it just so happens that the Redskins could use a young, exciting and good one. If Andrew Luck has a pro day, we'll tell you about it. If Blaine Gabbert sneezes, we'll probably cover that too.

So we obviously need to talk about Ryan Mallett, one of the quarterbacks who may be available to the Redskins, and his miserable performance in the Sugar Bowl last night. Mallett completed just a shade over 50% of his passes, throwing two touchdowns, but also the interception that sealed the win for the Buckeyes.

Quarterbacks have certainly had worse performances, but for a player trying to make an impact on his draft position in his last college game, I'm sure Mallet was hoping to do a little bit better than this. SB Nation points out that Mallett didn't get a ton of help from his receivers, but four or five drops isn't going to help that completion percentage too much. And above yards and touchdowns, accuracy is the thing that NFL GM's want to see in a quarterback that they are spending a high draft pick on.

Mallett has the arm to make all the throws an NFL QB will need to make. But can he do so accurately? When put with a set of receivers who will catch a ball when it's thrown to them, can Mallett increase his completion percentage. That's something that will ultimately be determined at the Combine and Mallett's pro day. But for 60 minutes last night, Mallett didn't look like a guy I would want to spend a top ten pick on.