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The Redskins Need To Change Their Name ... And What Else Is New?

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Courtland Milloy just wrote a column for the Washington Post in which he pleads with the Redskins to change their name from the Redskins, to something that doesn't invoke such a horrible time in American history.

We think "Redskins" is a term of endearment while thinking little, if at all, of events such as Wounded Knee - the massacre of men, women and children by U.S. troops in South Dakota that epitomized the depth of animosity toward Indians.

True. The term Redskins is racist, and the logo isn't exactly helping. But isn't this something we've heard before? This is not the first plea for the Redskins to change their name, and it certainly won't be the last. And like all those attempts of the past and the future, it will fall on mostly deaf ears.

I hope this doesn't seem calous, because I recognize just how inappropriate it is that a professional team can be called something which at one point was a racial slur, however I also realize that it's a waste of internet space, and Mr. Milloy's time, to fight for something that will clearly never get accomplished.

The Redskins are a brand here, an institution. Dan Snyder would never lose out on all the revenue generated by the team's history and reputation in this area. Re-branding them might be the PC thing to do, and is probably the right thing to do, but it just isn't going to happen. Even if that brand is kind of floundering right now.

We all know that the Washington football team needs a new identity - that something has sapped the team spirit and depleted the will to win.

Look how awful they treat one another? It's as if the team is suffering from the same negation of humanity that is symbolized by the use of that faceless "redskin" image.

Well that can't be right. It'd be one thing for Milloy to argue that the name Redskins was cursed, I could almost believe in that because I'm easily duped and I'm into that sort of thing. But I believe he's arguing that Redskins players are inspired to act maliciously and without great purpose because of the racial "incongruity" of their team's nickname. That, I have trouble buying.

Let's all agree on two things. First, that the Redskins name is racist. We all know it is. And second, that as much as we all may want to change it, that it will never happen. Not because of any underlying racial reasons, but because of money. Which is the only reason that the Redskins organization does just about anything these days.