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Vince Young Will Leave The Titans: Should The Redskins Be Interested?

Donovan McNabb is probably going to be released, (sooner rather than later actually) and we definitely don't want Rex Grossman to be the starting quarterback when the Redskins break camp next summer. Needless to say, the Redskins need to add a starting caliber quarterback. Luckily, they have a few different ways of doing so.

They can always draft one, but that's kind of iffy. Or, they could try to get a veteran QB either through a trade a free agency, and wouldn't ya know it, a pretty big name just became available. The Titans announced that they will be parting ways with Vince Young one way or another this offseason, making him probably the most attainable quarterback with legitimate starting experience in the NFL (Jake Delhomme doesn't count). So should the Skins be interested in the embattled former Longhorn? Check out the pros and cons after the jump, then vote below.


  • We know what Vince Young can bring to a game. His athleticism brings excitement and causes problems for opposing defenses.
  • He has improved as a passer since coming out of Texas.
  • The guy just wins games. We saw what he did at Texas, and his record with the Titans was well over .500 despite all the problems.


  • The Redskins certainly don't need anymore of this kind of thing:

  • If he was butting heads with Jeff Fischer, who is regarded as a player's coach, I shudder to think how he would mesh with Mike Shanahan. This is the biggest factor. How do you think Shanahan would respond to a text message apology? If he comes in with the same mindset, there is no way he gets out of Shanahan's doghouse long enough to see the light of day.

When it comes down to it, I don't think it is worth the risk for the Redskins. He has all the talent in the world, but the Skins can't afford to take a chance on another player with questionable character. If he backfires in Washington like he did in Tennessee, and the Skins invested some serious time and resources on him, it could set them back a few more years. I think the Redskins should go for someone with a little but better intangibles, and without a history of misconduct at the NFL level. What do you think?