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Fred Davis Denies Assaulting A Woman At A D.C. Nightclub After Alleged Altercation

It didn't take long for Fred Davis himself to respond to the report that he allegedly assaulted a woman outside a D.C. nightclub following an altercation. In an interview with Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan, Davis clarified exactly what happened during the incident.

Davis confirmed that he was at Josephine in Washington D.C. at 1 a.m. last night and said he was walking when he "accidentally" hit the girl. He confirmed part of the story -- that both people threw their drinks in each other's faces -- but denied ever striking the woman.

Davis said she threw her drink in his face, and that he retaliated by doing the same back to her. Davis says claim that he threw a bottle at her is completely false.      

Davis added that the video evidence from the club will prove this and that the police should have already seen it. The initial report from TMZ indicated that Davis "struck her in the lip with an object," and that sources said Davis hit the woman with a champaign bottle.