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Jason Campbell Says He Was The 'Scapegoat' For The Redskins' Problems

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Jason Campbell understands what Donovan McNabb went through this season. While Campbell had a decent season leading the Raiders to a surprising 8-8 record, McNabb was being benched by Mike Shanahan and criticized by many Redskins fans. 

Now, one year after he was run out of town, Campbell has spoken out about his time in D.C. In an interview with Jamie Mottram of Mister Irrelevant, Campbell said he was absolutely the "scapegoat" for all of the Redskins' problems at the time.

Just because the fact that last season I put up really good numbers, and my star running back was out. Clinton Portis was out for most of the season. Then Ladell Betts came in and got hurt. We lost Chris Samuels. We lost our right guard and our right tackle. ... The fact that I was the scapegoat for all of that, it really stung a little bit. It was tough.   

Then, Campbell had an even more damming quote about Redskins owner Dan Snyder after being asked about the importance of having stability with your offensive scheme.

That's the thing that stung me the most. I was always trying to put my heart into everything [the Redskins] did. The owner or whatever it was, the owner was always pointing the finger at me. It was always like people were out to get me.    

It's not the first time Campbell has expressed frustration about his treatment here, and it probably won't be the last. However, in light of what's happened to McNabb and the Redskins' current quarterback predicament, it's especially telling. Maybe Campbell was nothing more than an average quarterback, but he certainly didn't receive an average amount of respect as the conditions kept changing around him. Sometimes, stability is better than constant change.