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Fred Davis Tossed Plastic Container At Girl Outside Nightclub, Not Causing Injury, According To Police Report

When it was first reported that Fred Davis allegedly assaulted a woman outside of a D.C. night club early Thursday morning, it was natural to assume the worst. However, Davis has denied the story, and now the police report seems to confirm his account.

Via Dan Hellie at NBC 4, we learn that Davis did not smash a Champagne bottle on the woman's face, as initially reported. Instead, he threw a plastic container at her.

F. Davis police report: . He tossed plastic container at her body not causing injury. She was elbowed by accident after.     

The police report says that Davis "reached for the girl in a calm matter," and then the girl threw her drink at him. Davis then tossed the plastic container, which he told Hellie was filled with orange juice. No arrests have been made and no charges have been filed. 

It sounds like this may not be as serious as originally anticipated.