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NFL Playoffs: Redskins Could Have Had De'Sean Jackson, Ray Rice, Jamaal Charles In 2008 NFL Draft

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We could start a daily feature here at SB Nation D.C. recapping the terrible personnel decisions that the Washington Redskins have made over the last several years. It would probably keep us busy through the entire offseason.


Well here's another reminder of how bad Washington's 2008 draft was. The Redskins selected three offensive players in the first two rounds. And while Fred Davis has contributed as a capable pass-catching tight end, Devin Thomas has been cut and Malcolm Kelly has just 28 receptions in 21 games the past three years.


Meanwhile, there are three offensive stars playing in the playoffs today who were selected after Thomas in the 2008 draft. You've heard before that the Redskins could have drafted De'Sean Jackson, but did you know that they could have had Ray Rice or Jamaal Charles as well? How different would the Redskins be today if they had drafted Jackson, Rice, and Charles instead of Thomas, Davis, and Kelly?


To be fair, no team ever hits on 100% of their draft picks. But it can be fun (read as "depressing") to think about what could have been.