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NFL Power Rankings, Week 6: Washington Redskins Move Up To No. 9 In SB Nation List

Despite not playing, the Washington Redskins have moved up in the latest edition of the SB Nation NFL Power Rankings.

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Even though they did not play a game, the Washington Redskins moved up in SB Nation's Week 6 NFL Power Rankings. Joel Thorman has the Redskins up at No. 9 in this week's edition, two spots higher than the No. 11 ranking they accrued last week. Here's what Thorman has to say about the Redskins.

This is a pretty quiet 3-1 team but they'll get some attention this week as they face the 1-4 Eagles and try to deliver a possible knockout punch to Philly.

As for the rest of the NFC East, the New York Giants come in at No. 13, the Dallas Cowboys are No. 18 and the Eagles, Washington's Week 6 opponent, is No. 22. The following teams are ranked higher than the Redskins.

  1. Green Bay Packers
  2. Detroit Lions
  3. Baltimore Ravens
  4. New Orleans Saints
  5. New England Patriots
  6. San Diego Chargers
  7. Buffalo Bills
  8. San Francisco 49ers

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