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Brian Orakpo Will Be On ESPN First Take On Thursday

Just a scheduling heads-up folks: Brian Orakpo, the Washington Redskins star linebacker, will be on ESPN First Take with Skip Bayless. Here's Skip's teaser.

Tomorrow Brian Orakpo will be on First Take to pay off bet he owes me & explain how Skins plan to reverse the 59-28 Vick put on 'em last yr.

The bet Orakpo owes Skip, by the way, is below the jump.


Ouch. That's painful. If I'm Orakpo, I'm paying off the bet, then burning that T-shirt as soon as I can. I can't imagine any instance where he'd want to wear it going forward.

Anyway, here's hoping Orakpo is as impressive on the show as Wale was when he went on. There won't be any subliminal references to a rap album, but otherwise, I'm sure the conversation will be similar.

We'll be following this game in this StoryStream. For more on the Redskins, visit Hogs Haven. For more on the Eagles, visit Bleeding Green Nation and SB Nation Philly.