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VIDEO: Brian Orakpo Wears 'I Love Skip Bayless' T-Shirt On ESPN First Take

Brian Orakpo was on ESPN First Take on Thursday to discuss the Washington Redskins' game against the Philadelphia Eagles, and because he lost a bet when his beloved Texas Longhorns got blown out by Oklahoma last weekend, he had to wear this monstrosity of a shirt. I feel so, so bad for him. No athlete should ever own a T-shirt that says that they love Skip Bayless. No person should own a T-shirt that says they love Skip Bayless. Well, except maybe Tim Tebow.

Still, a bet is a bet, so Orakpo paid up. Good for him. Even better, Orakpo provided a great line when Bayless told him the shirt looked good on him. Video and photographic evidence below the jump.





We'll be following the Eagles vs. Redskins game in this StoryStream. For more on the Redskins, visit Hogs Haven. For more on the Eagles, visit Bleeding Green Nation and SB Nation Philly.