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Week 6 NFL Lines And Odds: Philadelphia Eagles Favored Over Washington Redskins On Road

Six weeks into the 2011 Season, and the Washington Redskins are in a pretty good place. Much better than the Philadelphia Eagles, actually. Who would have thought that would happen? After they got drubbed at home last year by that same Eagles squad, expectations might have been low for this game. But thanks to their respective starts, the Redskins are pretty close to the right side of the spread in this one. Then again, given the two teams' records, shouldn't they be on the right side of the spread?

Let's take a look at the odds page at SB Nation, powered by Oddshark.

10/16/2011 Philadelphia 47½o-110 -1-120 -2-110
1:00 PM Washington -3-104 47o-110 47o-110


ESPN Insider helps explain why the Eagles are the favorite potentially.

Jay Kornegay of the Las Vegas Hilton believes it's the latter. "Even though the general public hasn't supported the Eagles over the last couple of weeks compared to the start of the season, most know they're still a very talented team," Kornegay said. "The Eagles are not getting beat up. They are self-destructing and that can be fixed. On the flip side of it, the Redskins are not perceived as a talented team. They are looked at as an overachiever."

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for full Redskins vs. Eagles coverage. Hogs Haven and SB Nation D.C. are your sources for Redskins news, while Bleeding Green Nation and SB Nation Philly offer the opponent's perspective.