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Washington Redskins Trade Rumors: Should Redskins Look For Offensive Line Help?

The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday. Will the Redskins make a move?

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The 2011 NFL trade deadline is on Tuesday, and while it traditionally is not an active day on par with other sports' trade deadlines, there are occasional trades that do take place. In fact, one fairly large one already has, with Brandon Lloyd going from the Denver Broncos to the St. Louis Rams for a sixth-round pick. Will the Washington Redskins be involved in any NFL trade rumors?

So far, they have not. However, in his Monday press conference, Mike Shanahan said he would not rule any move out. Via Redskins PR:

"I think you always have your ears open to see if there’s any opportunities for you to get better.  I think most of the people that make trades usually that person’s on the last year of their contract and they want compensation return; they’re counting on that person either not playing for them or not being on their team and they’re hoping they can get a draft choice in return.  Sometimes it works out because a guy’s a good enough player that someone will take a chance.  Over the years very few trades have been made but they do exist."

If the Redskins do make a move, perhaps it will be for an offensive lineman after the injuries to Kory Lichtensteiger and Trent Williams. SB Nation's Joel Thorman suggests Jason Smith and Kareem McKenzie as players who could help the Redskins.

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