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NFC East Standings: Washington Redskins Fall To Second Place After Loss To Eagles

With Sunday's loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Washington Redskins have fallen to second place in the latest NFC East standings. They also have the worst division record of the four teams.

The updated NFC East standings show just how wacky the division really is this season. Last week, the Washington Redskins moved up to first place simply by not playing. That wasn't the case this week after the Redskins fell, 20-13, to the Philadelphia Eagles at FedEx Field.

Because of that loss, the New York Giants were able to move up to first place in the division thanks to a 27-24 win over the Buffalo Bills. Here are your updated NFC East standings.

  1. New York Giants: 4-2
  2. Washington Redskins: 3-2
  3. Dallas Cowboys: 2-3
  4. Philadelphia Eagles: 2-4

Here is how the teams have fared in division games this season, in order of where they stand in the division standings.

  1. New York Giants: 1-1
  2. Washington Redskins: 1-2
  3. Dallas Cowboys: 1-0
  4. Philadelphia Eagles: 1-1

Those records ensure that the NFC East standings will probably change a lot over the course of the season.

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