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NFL Power Rankings, Week 7: Washington Redskins Move Down After Loss

Where will the Redskins rank in this week's NFL power rankings? They'll be moving down, that's for sure.

LANDOVER, MD - OCTOBER 16:  Members of the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles pray at midfield after a game at FedExField on October 16, 2011 in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
LANDOVER, MD - OCTOBER 16: Members of the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles pray at midfield after a game at FedExField on October 16, 2011 in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Washington Redskins' loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday pretty much ensures that they will move down in Week 7 NFL power rankings lists across the NFL. Many of those lists will be coming out later Tuesday. Before they do, here's our guess as to where each NFL team should be ranked this week.

In particular, ranking the four NFC East teams proved to be a tough task. Here is our best attempt to make sense of what we witnessed on Sunday.

1.  Green Bay Packers: What does it say about you as a team when you win 24-3 and still look unimpressive doing so? It says you're really, really good.

2.  Baltimore Ravens: The Texans are a weak team, to be sure, but other than a Week 2 loss to the Tennessee Titans, they've been awfully impressive this season.

3.  New England Patriots: It's hard to shake the feeling that they got a bit fortunate to beat the Dallas Cowboys last week.

4.  San Francisco 49ers: It's not just the five wins that impress me; it's the fact that they're only one Tony Romo comeback away from being 6-0. Also, considering all the East coast trips they've taken, it's hard to believe their record.

5.  San Diego Chargers: They haven't played all that well, but their only loss was to New England and they always pick it up later in the season.

6.  Detroit Lions: The loss to the 49ers on Sunday displayed one of the issues with Detroit thus far: their offense is too predictable.

7.  New York Giants: Perhaps a little high, but the win over the Buffalo Bills proved that the Giants are the top team in the NFC East. Plus, I'm not inclined to rank a team that lost 48-3 in the top seven.

8.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Instead, I'll rank them eighth.

9.  New Orleans Saints: They've looked shaky at times, but I still think they're the best team in the NFC South. It's just hard to rank them ahead of a team that beat them last week.

10.  Pittsburgh Steelers: They haven't really looked that great this year, to be honest, but who else would you put here?

11.  Buffalo Bills: One tight loss to a good New York Giants team isn't enough to cause me to jump off the bandwagon. This is still one of the better teams in the league.

12.  Cincinnati Bengals: They haven't played anybody remotely decent, so let's not go crazy. But there have to be plenty of teams wondering why they didn't take Andy Dalton.

13.  Oakland Raiders: Get well, Jason Campbell.

14.  Atlanta Falcons: Feels like they're starting to find themselves again. Next week's game against Detroit will tell a lot.

15.  Chicago Bears: A win over the Vikings doesn't prove all that much. The next four games will.

16.  New York Jets: The Jets' win over the Dolphins on Monday Night Football proves much more about the Dolphins' ineptitude than any sort of revival. Let's see them beat someone decent before re-crowning them.

17.  Washington Redskins: I guess this is about right for them. The good news is that the defense appears to be legit, as they could have easily surrendered far more points to the Eagles. Now, about that starting quarterback...

18.  Philadelphia Eagles: Why do I feel like this team is going to win the NFC East?

19.  Dallas Cowboys: They should have won last week. That loss is going to sting down the road.

20.  Tennessee Titans: The AFC South is awful.

21.  Houston Texans: Yup, the AFC South is awful.

22.  Denver Broncos: Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!

23.  Seattle Seahawks: The loss of Marcus Trufant definitely stings, but it's not like this team was going anywhere anyway.

24.  Kansas City Chiefs: As wacky as it sounds, the Chiefs aren't completely out of it yet. Sure, they will be soon, but not yet!

25.  Cleveland Browns: The honeymoon period for Peyton Hillis is officially over.

26.  Jacksonville Jaguars: They fought hard against the Steelers, but they just don't have the playmakers right now.

27.  Arizona Cardinals: They had a bye last week, which was probably good considering they have regressed since being close to victories early in the season.

28.  Carolina Panthers: They may be 1-5, but they're an exciting 1-5, and that's really what matters.

29.  Minnesota Vikings: Time to Ponder a change at quarterback, ammirite?

30.  St. Louis Rams: Something tells me they'll improve a bit now that they have Brandon Lloyd. St. Louis' receivers have been beyond awful this season.

31.  Indianapolis Colts: They've been close in a number of their losses, so they aren't last on this list.

32.  Miami Dolphins: Instead, it's these guys. Monday night's game was an abomination.