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NFL Power Rankings, Week 7: Washington Redskins Drop Nine Spots On Brian Billick's List

Most NFL Power Rankings lists are dropping the Washington Redskins after a 20-13 home loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, but I doubt we'll find a list that punishes them more than Brian Billick's for FOX Sports. The former Baltimore Ravens coach has the Redskins a whopping nine spots lower than he had them last week.

It is amazing how just one week in the NFL can completely change the fate of a season. The Redskins came into this week controlling the NFC East, but now are a game back and in the middle of a quarterback controversy. I still like this defense, and it should keep them in games late in the season, no matter who plays quarterback.

That's quite a drop. In fact, Billick has placed the Eagles higher than the Redskins on his list, despite the Eagles' 2-4 record. Billick also has the Atlanta Falcons (11), Houston Texans (13), New York Jets (14) and Chicago Bears (16) higher than the Redskins despite having worse winning percentages.

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