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London Fletcher Laughs Off Accusations That He Schemed To Get Michael Vick Out

One of the more amusing stories to come out of a depressing 20-13 Washington Redskins loss to the Philadelphia Eagles was the Eagles' accusation that London Fletcher schemed to get Michael Vick out of the game when Vick fell down during the third quarter. Basically, Fletcher saw Vick lying on the ground and told the referees he needed to come out. Two plays later, Vince Young, Vick's backup, threw an interception, and eventually Vick was fine.

After the game, Eagles coach Andy Reid implied that Fletcher messed with the referees to give the Redskins a competitive advantage. Via SB Nation's Eagles blog Bleeding Green Nation:

He came off saying that, their #59 (London Fletcher) is a smart guy. He tried to bring a little attention to it, and I love the way he plays, he tried bring attention to things. Mike was trying to pull away from him and he made sure he held on to him and tried to get him out of there. Mike was okay, and right when he came to the sideline he said he was fine.

Reid later said Fletcher made it seem like Vick was more injured than he actually was. Anyway, Fletcher was asked about these accusations in an interview with "The Mike Wise Show" on 106.7 The Fan, and he was incredibly amused by it.

"The fact that Mike Vick was wobbling was probably something they should have been concerned about. When he got up, for one, he laid down on the field for probably about five seconds. Then, when he got up, he was wobbly. (Laughs). Don't you think they should have gotten him off the field there?"

Wise then played devil's advocate with him for a while, which eventually led to Fletcher's final word on the subject.

"I wasn't even thinking about who their backup quarterback was. I didn't even think about that. The guy was laying down. He got hit in the back of the head and was laying down for five seconds or whatever. When he did get up, he staggered a couple of times. If that's not reason to get your medical staff out there, I don't know what is."

The whole thing is kind of amusing. Reid's point of view assumes that Fletcher concocted an elaborate plan in the heat of the battle to get Vince Young to throw an interception. Seems kind of hard to believe when the alternative is him being genuinely concerned for Vick's health.