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NFL Power Rankings, Week 7: CBS Sports Puts Washington Redskins At No. 14

The Washington Redskins have predictably moved down in CBS Sports' Week 7 NFL Power Rankings. Two weeks after Pete Prisco put the Redskins as high as number eight, the Redskins tumbled to No. 14, thanks primarily to the quarterback situation. As Prisco writes:

Their quarterback issues showed up again. And they will some more. Until you fix it, they will show up.

Sound advice right there, Pete. Something tells me that Prisco doesn't believe John Beck is any more the answer than Rex Grossman was. We'll see if he is proven right.

Anyway, the Redskins' loss dropped them below the New York Giants, who surged to No. 8 on the list after defeating the Buffalo Bills. The Dallas Cowboys are at No. 18 after a loss to the New England Patriots, while the Eagles stayed where they were at No. 21 despite beating the Redskins.

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