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Rex Grossman Reacts To John Beck Being Named Washington Redskins' Starting QB

ASHBURN - Rex Grossman spoke to the media for the first time Wednesday since the announcement of his benching in favor of John Beck.

Grossman was removed in the fourth quarter of Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles after throwing four interceptions in just three quarters. After the game, it was clear Mike Shanahan was pondering a quarterback change. That proved to be true as the head coach addressed the team Wednesday morning, informing them that Beck will indeed be the starter going forward.

"I was frustrated [when I found out]," Grossman said. "Not completely surprised, but disappointed that I wasn't able to come back off [the Eagles game]."

Though the Eagles game was by far Grossman's worst, he was struggling to lead the offense in his three prior games against Arizona, Dallas and St. Louis. In five starts this season, Grossman has tallied 11 turnovers in all.

"The frustrating part about it is that I do think that [the four prior games] were good performances," Grossman said. " "They should have been great." 

"Whatever you want to say about turnovers," he continued. "There's always a reason, but ultimately I'm responsible for the ball."

Washington's quarterback quandary in 2011 has been one most observers believed would happen. With Grossman now being benched in favor of Beck, there's no assurance his replacement will be able to keep his job either, leaving room for a possible return for Grossman.

"If I do get back in there, I'm going to feel real good about it, and feel real good where I'm at. I'll just try to get better on the things I did well. Having success and winning games will propel my confidence if I do get back in there," Grossman said.

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