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Joe Theismann Doesn't Agree With John Beck As Washington Redskins' Starting Quarterback

Joe Theismann tends to be the kind of guy that is fully on board with whatever the Washington Redskins are doing, which is why it was a mild surprise to see him publicly disagree with Mike Shanahan's decision to name John Beck as the starting quarterback for next week's game. He expressed this disagreement on "The Mike Wise Show" on 106.7 The Fan on Wednesday (via Dan Steinberg):

"I just don’t agree with the decision to start John Beck. I thought he did a good job making plays last week against Philadelphia, but when you sit down and study the interceptions that Rex threw — this sounds like a quarterback talking, I know — not all of them were his fault."

Theismann later said "this is a little bit of a quick hook, to be perfectly honest with you." Theismann is obviously forgetting that Grossman has 11 turnovers in his last four games.

Theismann was fairly praiseworthy of the team otherwise, for what it's worth. Read his full comments here.

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