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VIDEO: Ryan Kerrigan Forces Another Fumble, Continues Amazing Rookie Season

So hey, this Ryan Kerrigan guy, he's pretty good. One week after taking home Defensive Rookie of the Month honors, the Redskins' first-round draft pick added another big play to his impressive list of big plays. This time, it was forcing a Sam Bradford fumble to stop a potential St. Louis Rams scoring drive.

The play began with Brian Orakpo's pressure, which forced Bradford to move in the pocket. That allowed Kerrigan to come running in from behind, where he eventually caught Bradford while he was holding the ball out. Bradford fumbled, and Barry Cofield was right there to recover it. Three plays later, the Redskins scored to give themselves a two-touchdown lead.

Kerrigan's forced fumble against the New York Giants in Week 1 changed the game and allowed the Redskins to win. It looks like his forced fumble here has done the same. Check out video of Kerrigan's big forced fumble below the jump.