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Week 7 NFL Lines And Odds: Redskins Vs. Panthers

The Redskins have decided to change quarterbacks mid-stream, and John Beck will get his first start on the road against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. How does that affect the betting odds for either team? For the answer, let's check out the NFL Odds page at SB Nation, powered by OddsShark.

10/23/2011 Washington 45o-110 43o-110 43o-110
1:00 PM Carolina -3-119 -1-130 -3+105

On two of the rating services the Panthers receive only the customary three point advantage that is given to home teams, meaning the oddsmakers consider the game to pretty much be a draw in terms of the matchup. The other only gives the Panthers a one point advantage, meaning they actually think the Redskins are a better team.

I honestly expected the Redskins to be favored a little bit more in this game. They have a pretty solid record even though they are coming off their second loss, and the Panthers have not shown the ability to win consistently this year. They have exciting players but they don't have a lot of wins to show for it. I think the Redskins should be favored by a little bit more than they are here.

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