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Sean Taylor Murder Trial To Take Place On January 30

It's been nearly four years since former Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor was killed in Florida, and the news still sticks with several members of the Washington Redskins to this day. Now, finally, it appears Taylor's family may be closer to getting justice. The Associated Press reports that the four men accused of fatally shooting Taylor will go on trial in Miami-Dade County on January 30.

A Jan. 30 trial date has been set in Miami for four men accused in the 2007 slaying of Washington Redskins star safety Sean Taylor.

The date was set Friday by Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Dennis Murphy at a brief hearing.

The four men are accused of shooting Taylor during a robbery attempt in his home. They have all pleaded not guilty. A fifth person did plead guilty to burglary and murder charges and will likely be used to testify against the other four. 

The trail will end up taking place over 50 months after the shooting happened. That's a long time.