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Canadians Dig Through Pile Of Poop To Watch Redskins Vs. Bills

People in Canada must really want to see John Beck. Some weird Toronto radio station held a contest for listeners to get tickets for next week's Buffalo Bills vs. Washington Redskins game to be played in the old Sky Dome in Toronto. The contest was like Fear Factor on steroids. Contestants scraped through a big pile of buffalo dung to find the game tickets.  Yep, you read that right, and it actually happened. If you want to watch, we have video after the jump.


Some gross lady named Nicole won. Hooray Nicole. The only loser in this contest, besides all of the contestants, is the poor soul who has to sit next to Nicole at the game. How long does it take to get that smell off? My guess is eternity.

If you just can't get enough of zany Canadians and buffalo dung, check out the SB Nation review or Shutdown Corner. The next time you see some dude with a Redskins tattoo or listen to a guy tell you he is the biggest Caps fan ever, think about Nicole and the buffalo poop. There's a new sheriff in crazy sports fan town.