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VIDEO: Mike Shanahan Says 'Are You Joking' When Asked About Next Week's Quarterback

You can excuse Mike Shanahan for being in a bad mood after his Washington Redskins fell, 33-20, to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. Earlier in his post-game press conference, Shanahan admitted that he didn't think he prepared the Redskins well for the game. He probably was in no mood to answer questions about whether John Beck or Rex Grossman would start at quarterback next week.

Still, this was a legitimate question by the reporter. Beck played well, but seeing as Shanahan hasn't come out and said he would be sticking with Beck or Grossman for the rest of the season, it's fair to ask week-to-week which one will play.

Therefore, I guess you can chalk this curt response up to the inevitable conflict between a pissed-off coach and a reporter just trying to do his job. Video, via CSN Washington, is below the jump.

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