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DeAngelo Hall Compares Cam Newton To A 'Pretty Ferrari'

Leave it to DeAngelo Hall to provide a sharp quote even after the Washington Redskins' 33-20 loss to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. Hall was one of many Redskins' defenders to be burned by Cam Newton throughout the game, especially on this one run early on. Afterwards, he made a pretty amusing comparison.

Via Rick Maese of the Washington Post.

"The kid is a pretty Ferrari," said cornerback DeAngelo Hall. "He can run. He can throw. He’s got the total package. He’s going to be a player in this league for a long time."

Two things:

  1. Someone with better photoshop skills needs to do something with this quote.
  2. This begs the question: is there such thing as an ugly Ferrari? Isn't "pretty Ferrari" kind of redundant?

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