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Tim Hightower Delivered Locker-Room Speech After Suffering ACL Injury

Now that we know Tim Hightower suffered a season-ending torn ACL in the Washington Redskins' 33-20 loss to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, the many Twitter reports that he delivered a locker-room speech to the team after the game carry on extra significance. Nobody outside of that room has reported exactly what Hightower said, but Brian Tinsman of the official Redskins blog got some information from the man himself.

"We play this game for one reason: to win," he related to the media after the game.  "We want to focus. Regardless, we’re still in the hunt. Whether we were 6-0 at this point, or whether we were 1 and whatever, we’re still in the hunt right now. We still have our goal in front of us and we still have the ultimate goal, and that’s what we’re going to keep working to."

He later said he told the team not to "get discouraged" and to "stay hungry" even though they lost. The words themselves don't see too remarkable on their own, but Tinsman said Hightower had the team's "undivided attention." Surely they were delivered with plenty of force.