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Washington Redskins Lose To Carolina Panthers, But Win Fan Battle

Looking for a silver lining on what might prove to be a season-killing loss to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, considering all the injuries the Washington Redskins had in the game? At least Redskins fans traveled well. They traveled so well that Panthers players and coaches noticed.

Via the Charlotte Observer:

"You don't want to see that. You don't want to have a bunch of maroon fans in the stands," left tackle Jordan Gross said Monday. "But if we were undefeated, you probably wouldn't have that many. So hopefully the fans recognize the importance of home field and home games, and they're keeping their seats for Panthers fans."

Carolina was Redskins country for many years before the Panthers became an expansion team in the mid-90s, so the presence of many Redskins fans isn't a huge surprise. There's a lot of talk in the article about how visiting fans often flood Carolina's stadium, but it's especially pronounced when the Redskins come into town. Tons of Panthers players and coaches are quoted saying that needs to change.

Hey, it's something for Redskins fans to be happy about, so we'll take it.