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Week 8 NFL Power Rankings: Washington Redskins Fall To No. 20 On ESPN's List

The Washington Redskins took a five-spot drop in the Week 8 version of ESPN's NFL Power Rankings, falling from No. 15 to No. 20. The Redskins remain ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles, who are ranked No. 22, but are well behind the New York Giants (No. 11) and are also behind the Dallas Cowboys (No. 18). Here's what ESPN has to say about the team.

Two straight losses, shaky quarterback play and a couple of significant injuries have the Redskins slipping in the rankings.

The Redskins remain ahead of two other 3-3 teams: the Kansas City Chiefs (No. 21) and the Cleveland Browns (No. 24). The Carolina Panthers, who beat the Redskins last week, are No. 23. The Buffalo Bills, who will face the Redskins this week, are all the way up at No. 7, a three-spot rise from last week that took place even though the Bills were on a bye.

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