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Fantasy Football Week 8 Start/Sit: Roy Helu A Risky Play That Could Pay Off

The Washington Redskins will face the Buffalo Bills this weekend, but the real matchup is on the Internet where your hilariously named fantasy football team will face that jerk who always forgets to pay the entrance fee. Should you play any Redskins in that matchup? Let's run it down with help from our friends over at numberFire.

John Beck: The Washington quarterback struggled for much of the first half against Carolina but put things together in the second half and played much better. But that still doesn't mean that he is worth playing in most if not any leagues. He is a game manager, not a game changer, and the changers are the ones that win your league.

Roy Helu/Ryan Torain: If anyone knows who is going to get the carries I would love to hear that information. Seriously, I have both on my team and Shanahan always plays it wild and loose with his running backs. Torain is projected to only get 7.5 points by numberFire while Helu is projected to get even worse than that. Someone has to get the carries that Tim Hightower is leaving on the field. As for which guy that is going to be, your guess is as good as mine.Of the two, Helu has the better chance to break out if given the opportunity because of his speed. So maybe he is the better play if you absolutely need him.

Redskins wide receivers: None of 'em. Don't play them at all. Don't even think about playing them. With Santana Moss out of the lineup, Beck will probably just throw it to anyone who is open, which means everybody loses a little value. Everyone except...

Fred Davis: He's been the biggest producer this season of all the Redskins pass catchers, and he continues to be a strong play. numberFire projects him to get about eight points, which isn't bad at all for a tight end.