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Redskins Vs. Rams: Rex Grossman On His Crucial Late Game Interception

Rex Grossman had an up and down day against the Rams on Sunday, but when the dust settled he had done just enough to earn a Redskins victory; a win that was nearly lost moments earlier with a crucial interception that gave the Rams an opportunity to tie the game. Luckily, they couldn't capitalize and the Redskins escaped with a 17-10 win. Rex Grossman knows that he can't make those kinds of mistakes if the Redskins are going to continue to be successful, according to the D.C. Sports Bog.

“I have to watch the tape, but I HAVE to avoid that,” Grossman continued. “The first one I couldn’t really avoid, but that interception at that time, I’ve got to make sure I see the wide receiver absolutely open. And I did, but I’ve got to know the timing of the play, that that mike backer could get back in play.”

His first pick came as a result of a bobbled ball on Santana Moss' part, but the second one was just a bad throw and an even worse decision. The Rams are not a very good football team and they failed to make the Redskins pay for their mistakes, but against a better team, that interception might have cost them the game.


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