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Redskins Vs. Bills Score Update: Bills Go Up 20-0 After Scott Chandler Touchdown

Now it's getting ugly for the Redskins. The Bills have taken a 20-0 lead on a 15 yard pas from Ryan Fitzpatrick to Scott Chandler.

The Redskins headed into halftime down 13-0, and needed to get a stop on the Bills opening possession of the second half to stay in the ball game. That did not happen when the defense allowed the score, digging the Redskins in a 20 point deficit that seems nearly impossible to climb out of. 

At this point, just about everything has gone wrong for the Redskins. Their defense can't stop the Bills. Their offense is making the Bills look like a top-ten unit.

While there is nearly an entire second half left to play, things already seem hopeless for the Redskins.

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