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Redskins Vs. Bills: Depressing Numbers For A Depressing Game

The Washington Redskins fell, 23-0, to the Buffalo Bills in Toronto, in a game that was among the more depressing ones in a depressing era of Redskins football. There are so many ways to say the game was a disaster, but since I can't just say "they stink" 150 times, here are some numbers that sum up the monstrosity us Redskins fans just witnessed.

Total yards for Fred Jackson: 193.

Total yards for the Redskins as a team: 178.

Total yards for the Redskins as a team prior to the final meaningless drive: 126.

Games since Washington's last shutout loss: 23

Professional games since Mike Shanahan's last shutout loss: 265, i.e. all of them.

Games since Buffalo's last shutout win: 72.

Sacks for the Bills in 2011 prior to this game: 4.

Sacks for the Bills in this game: 9.

Years since the Redskins last surrendered nine sacks in a game: 31

Number of times the Redskins have allowed nine sacks in a game: 2, now.

OK, fine, I'll stop now.

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