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NFC East Standings: Washington Redskins Fall To Last Place After Eagles' Win Over Cowboys

The Washington Redskins sit in a puddle of 3-4 teams in the NFC East while the New York Giants can pull away sitting at 5-2.

With the Philadelphia Eagles beating up on the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, the NFC East standings clear up a little bit. The New York Giants sit firmly atop the NFC East with their win on Sunday at 5-2 overall and 1-1 in the division. The rest is a muddled mess of 3-4 football teams, with the Washington Redskins suddenly bringing up the rear due to head-to-head losses to the Cowboys and Eagles.

The Philadelphia Eagles can make a climb in the division, improving to 3-4 overall with the win last night and 2-1 in the division, while the Redskins and Cowboys seem to be in a free fall. The Redskins have lost their last three games, including getting beat up by the Buffalo Bills. Not only have they lost three in a row, but it doesn't seem to matter if it's Rex Grossman or John Beck at quarterback/

The Cowboys fell to the Eagles to drop to 3-4 and 1-1 in the division, but with Tony Romo and the seeming discourse and inconsistency on the team, it's hard to project where they'll wind up or if they'll even win this week when they host the Seattle Seahawks.

For now, it's the Giants division to lose. It certainly isn't the Redskins'.

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