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VIDEO: Tim Hightower Says Washington Redskins Will Be In Super Bowl

The Washington Redskins love making bold statements, so let's gather for another round of blog posts wondering a member of the team is crazy. This time, the bold statement comes from running back Tim Hightower, who essentially told CSN Washington that the Redskins would be in the Super Bowl.

"The fun will be in February when you guys are interviewing us up in Indy. That’ll be fun," Hightower said, before adding that he's "gonna stand by" his "very bold prediction."

Sometimes, I wonder if athletes say things like this to troll media people. They have to self-aware that people are going to write about these comments and bash them for being bold. I bet you Hightower is sitting back somewhere as the Google machine churns, reading all these outraged articles and smiling at the mess he created. If I were a professional athlete, I'd purposely say ridiculous things just to amuse myself. Super Bowl? Naw dawg, we're winning the next five Super Bowls, and you can print that. Yeah, I know it's a bold statement, but I don't care. You can print that.

Well played, Tim. Video below the jump.

Here it is.