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Chris Cooley On Tony Romo Comments: 'People Are Surprised When I Talk Like A Regular Person

Chris Cooley, smartly, has not backed down from his comments about enjoying watching Tony Romo "choke" in the Dallas Cowboys' loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday. Cooley talked to Sports Illustrated's Jimmy Traina on a podcast the other day, and he reacted to the outcry over his comments in the manner we all expected.

"I try to have fun, I try to goof around a little bit, and I think when things get printed, the hint of sarcasm goes away," Cooley said. "The hint of joking around goes away. It becomes a serious challenge, and you think, 'Oh my gosh. Just chill out for just two seconds.' I work in the entertainment business. I'm joking around on the radio. I'm not honestly talking trash to Tony Romo or the Cowboys."

Cooley was very, very, very, very, very clear that he has no personal animosity towards Romo.

"There's no personal thing with Tony Romo," Cooley said. "I do a radio show with Chad Dukes and LaVar Arrington every Monday. We joke around, we have some fun. They kind of ask me questions."

"People really are surprised when I talk like a regular person I guess," he continued. "I'm a fan of the game and I cheer for the Redskins. Now, if you wanted me to go on your show or if you wanted me to go on a radio show and say everything politically correct and be boring, I have no problem doing that. I obviously have the ability to do that."

Cooley admitted he's being "murdered" by Cowboys fans, which he has no problem with. To stoke that fire, he fired one more zinger at the Cowboys' quarterback.

"It's amazing to me, just to say the word "cagefight" and "Tony Romo,"how insane people get. I'm offending beloved Tony," he said sarcastically.

To listen to the whole segment, click here.