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Chris Cooley Responds To Fans Who Got Mad At Tony Romo Comments

Seriously, just go read this blog post by Chris Cooley on the ongoing Tony Romo affair. Cooley starts by repeating pretty much all the points he's made in radio interviews everywhere, all of which were very much on point. But then, he took it one step further and pointed out all the angry messages he received from people on Twitter.

This is truly wonderful stuff, folks.

Of all the responses Cooley got, this one is my favorite:

@brad_hankins @thecooleyzone aka Chris Cooley is a little bitch. I’d fight that goofy dick sucker right now if I saw him

Seriously Brad, I guarantee you wouldn’t. I literally lock down a guarantee. You sounded tough for your friends though. So that’s cool.

There's also a pretty inappropriate, but hilarious one involving Jason Witten. Seriously, just read the whole thing. It's exactly why we love Chris Cooley. It's both insightful and goofy, which pretty much sums up Cooley himself.