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Week 9 NFL Power Rankings: Redskins Fall To No. 22 In Latest SB Nation Poll

The Washington Redskins got blanked by the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. That can be a demoralizing loss for any team to suffer through, but it is particularly bad in the eyes of those who put together the various Power Rankings across the Internet. The guys over at SB Nation just put their latest edition of the 2011 NFL Power Rankings out, and it should be no surprise that the Redskins fell out of the top 20. Now standing at just 3-4, the Redskins are now ranked as the 22nd best team in football.

Tale of two seasons: 3-1 start and now a three-game losing streak. Which Redskins season is really them?

Maybe I can help them with that. I think the real Redskins are a combination of the two. They aren't as bad as they've been for the past three games, but I don't think anyone expected them to be as good as they were during that four game start either. The 3-1 start and the three game losing streak are just polar opposites, per usual, the reality lies somewhere in between.