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Week 9 NFL Power Rankings: Redskins Fall Out Of Top 20

The 2011 NFL Power Rankings for Week 9 continue to pour in. The latest edition comes from CBS, who seems to agree with the SB nation guys on the fate of the Redskins and put them at No. 22 overall. They also point out anyone with a television and three hours to kill on Sunday afternoon also noticed.

They have big problems on offense, and it showed in a big way against the Bills. Mike Shanahan was shut out. That's the first time -- ever. Ouch.

We all know the Redskins have issues on offense. We kind of expected that coming into the year. But we didn't expect Rex Grossman to perform badly enough to necessitate a benching, or that the team's primary running back and best wide receiver would be sidelined with pretty serious injuries. Throw Chris Cooley and all the offensive lineman that have been hurt as well into the mix and there is no surprise that the Redskins have been so anemic on that side of the ball lately. As a result, they continue to slide.