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SB Nation D.C. Talks Redskins Vs. Dolphins On CSN Washington's 'Lunchbox Live'

SB Nation D.C.'s Daniel Shiferaw joins CSN Washington's "Lunchbox Live" program to preview the Redskins' game against the Dolphins and discuss Mike Shanahan's definition of "rebuilding."

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The Washington Redskins have lost four straight games without even leading during the game. Luckily, the next game comes against the 1-7 Miami Dolphins, so maybe the Redskins can get back on track. Maybe. We shall see.

To answer that question and many more, SB Nation D.C.'s Daniel Shiferaw joined John Aaron on CSN Washington's "Lunchbox Live" program. The two discussed Mike Shanahan's clumsy denial that the team is "rebuilding," whether the Redskins' defense can play better, whether John Beck can finally get a win in his NFL career and more. Here is the full video of the program, which airs around noon every Friday on

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