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VIDEO: LaVar Arrington Gives Moving Speech At Penn State Vigil

In light of the horrible allegations surrounding Jerry Sandusky and the rest of the Penn State program, thousands of students came together for a candlelight vigil and a moment of silence for the victims in the sex abuse scandal. It's probably inappropriate to suggest that someone "stole the show," but I'm not sure how else to describe the incredibly moving speech former Washington Redskins star and current 106.7 The Fan radio host LaVar Arrington gave at the event.

His voice strong with conviction, Arrington urged attendees to continue the fight against abuse and not let anything like what happened at Penn State ever happen again anywhere. He called the Sandusky allegations "the ultimate wake-up call" and said the vigil itself was "merely a call to duty." Video, via CSN Philly, is below the jump.

Here is how Arrington closed his speech, though you have to watch the video to get the true appreciation of the line.

"Tonight, let this be the start of the greatest story ever told. Due to the evil acts of an evil person and evil people, the challenge has been issued," he said. "Now, let it be known that we wage war as Penn State to make a difference. Do not walk away from here tonight and say, 'I had an opportunity to hold a candle and look at somebody and listen to people talk.' Leave here tonight with a resolve and understanding that you possess the power to change things."

He closed by chanting the classic "We Are Penn State" line. It's enough to inspire me to make a difference, and it should be enough for you too.