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Rex Grossman Fantasy Projections: Washington Redskins' QB Could Surprise Vs. Dolphins

When we wrote our fantasy football projection for John Beck, we said he wasn't worth playing under any circumstances. Now that Beck has been replaced by Rex Grossman for the Washington Redskins' game against the Miami Dolphins, should you also refuse to play Grossman under any circumstances? Possibly, but don't be surprised if Grossman surprises.

Keep in mind that the Miami Dolphins are not a good pass defense team. They rank just 27th in the league in yards allowed and have given up several big games, including Tom Brady's Week 2 explosion. With Beck, many of that doesn't matter because he has not shown the ability to throw the ball down the field. With Grossman, though, it's different. Grossman may throw the ball to the other team sometimes, but at least he takes chances. That might be enough for him to put up decent numbers in his return to the field.

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