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Fred Davis, Trent Williams Among 11 Players Named In Report For Violating Substance Abuse Policy

A Yahoo! Sports report suggested that 11 NFL players violated the league's substance-abuse policy during the lockout. According to another report, Fred Davis and Trent Williams are two of those players.

The bad news continues to pour out with the Washington Redskins. A Yahoo! Sports' report named 11 NFL players that violated the league's substance-abuse policy during the lockout, and according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, two of those players are tight end Fred Davis and left tackle Trent Williams.

Many of the details remain unclear. For one, it's not clear which drug both players took during the offseason. For another, the main gist of the Yahoo! report is that NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith told players there would be a "grace period" for violations due to the lockout, so it may end up being his fault. Finally, neither player has failed a drug test before, so the punishment may not be especially severe. The Yahoo! report suggests that first-time offenders will be fined.

Nevertheless, it's yet another distraction for the Redskins in a season filled with them. Davis has broken out in his fourth season in the NFL, while Williams has suffered through injuries in his second season.

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