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Leonard Hankerson Week 10 Fantasy Update: Washington Redskins' WR Breaks Out, But Suffers Injury

Washington Redskins' wide receiver Leonard Hankerson may work his way onto a few fantasy football rosters after having a solid performance against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. The Redskins' rookie, starting due to the injury to Santana Moss, caught eight passes for 106 yards. The only problem is that he also suffered a hip injury and had to leave the game.

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If Hankerson remains healthy, he may be worth a look if Rex Grossman continues to start at quarterback. Grossman may throw lots of interceptions, but at least he'll try to get the ball to his wide receiver. Of all those wideouts, Hankerson was targeted the most. That makes him at least serviceable as a backup if he can remain healthy.

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