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VIDEO: Fred Smoot Uses 'Mississippi English Lesson' To Criticize Washington Redskins

Very few people can make the Washington Redskins entertaining right now, but Fred Smoot always finds a way. The former Redskins' cornerback was on CSN Washington's "Redskins Postgame Live" on Sunday and decided to teach a little Mississippi English lesson to the team after its 20-9 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

Video below the jump.

"I'm gonna teach you all a Mississippi English lesson," he began. "The word 'SMO.' S-M-O. That means, 'I want some more.' You know what I'm saying? We need some more players. We need depth, and we need some starters."

Add an "O" and a "T," and you get "S-M-O-O-T." I'm just sayin'. Anyway, Smoot went on to make an actual serious point.

"Let's not sugercoat some stuff. Some guys who we think are good are not as good as we think they are. When your stars don't play at a certain level, how can you ask a player that's coming in to play at a certain level."

Shawn Springs, sitting in for Brian Mitchell, then offered some straighter analysis. Not to take anything away from Springs, because he was just doing his job, but I was hoping to hear Smoot explain more about "SMO."