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Where 'Peyton Manning' And 'Washington Redskins' Appear In Same Paragraph

I know that ESPN's Adam Schefter was merely stating his own opinion in his weekly mailbag, but by writing these words, he ensured there is a paragraph written by an incredibly well-connected reporter that throws out Peyton Manning's name as an option to play quarterback for the  Washington Redskins next season. Emphasis mine:

The draft will be loaded with good quarterbacks, but Washington already is out of Andrew Luck range. The top option out there could be Peyton Manning, who could be available in a trade depending on any number of factors. But if the Colts ultimately decided to deal Manning, even he would come with risk (questions about his neck and durability). In the end, this is a quarterback league, and right now Washington doesn't have a championship-caliber one.

This year's No. 1 pick and next year's No. 1 pick for Peyton. I'm just getting ahead of the news cycle.