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LaVar Arrington Goes Off On Jerry Sandusky After NBC Interview

Former Penn State football linebacker and current Washington D.C. radio host LaVar Arrington continues to be an outspoken voice in light of the Jerry Sandusky allegations that have shaken State College. On Tuesday, he reserved his most enraged remarks for Sandusky himself after Sandusky's Monday interview with Bob Costas on NBC.

The entire thing, understandably, made Arrington very mad, and he emptied his anger to his viewers on his 106.7 The Fan program. You have to listen to the audio to get the full effect, but here's a transcript of the remarks, which begin just after the six-minute mark.

"You're pissed off that he comes out and has something to say. You're pissed off because he sounds like he's on something," Arrington told co-host Chad Dukes. "You know what I'm pissed off about? You know what I'm pissed off about? He didn't say sorry to those kids. He didn't say he was sorry to the kids at Penn State. He didn't say he was sorry to the players. He didn't say he was sorry to me. Us. He didn't say he was sorry to any of those people. 'It is what it is,' bla bla bla. Womp womp womp. That's what I'm pissed off about."

Then, Arrington's voice rose another octave.

"I've lost 10 pounds. I haven't slept! And I'm sure I'm one of many who have been impacted by this man's decisions. You didn't apologize to one person, but you want to maintain your innocence. God bless you. May He have mercy of you. You certainly don't have mercy on me. I'll tell you that."

Finally, Arrington paused for a second, as if to gauge whether he should continue, and eventually went on with his angriest remarks yet. Trust me: the exclamation marks don't do this justice.

"If you were going to come out and do an interview, you say, 'Let the law of the land dictate what took place and what didn't take place.' I just want to make sure that I apologize to all the people that frickin' trusted you! And thought the world of you! And believed in you! If I'm making a statement, I'm making that statement.

Even if you're saying you didn't do it, say you're sorry you affected their lives," he continued. "Something I did affected or impacted your lives, and I'm sorry for that! Say that! Don't talk to me and say, 'I'm innocent. I didn't do anything sexually wrong. I'm not attracted to them.' I don't care! I don't care what you think your actions were, because your actions have left a mess! I don't care what you think what you did. Look at what has taken place since what you did has come out!"

Really, you need to listen to the segment to get the full effect. Here's the link for that.