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Carlos Rogers Continues To Criticize Washington Redskins

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a dream. One day, reporters will be able to ask Carlos Rogers questions without bringing up the fact that he left the Washington Redskins on bad terms. That world, sadly, is not here yet. So instead, you get to hear Rogers regurgitate the same talking points in yet another article about his time in D.C.

This time, it was in an interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio.

"They brought in so many guys and gave them all the money and lifted them up and let guys go that they drafted and had been there," Rogers told me and co-host Gil Brandt. "I really wasn’t finding them building a team that way. Of course, you’re going to need free agents and some spots you need to fill. But you need to take care of your guys. Take care of home and not let them go. That’s how you build."

Rogers later said he always felt like he was going to benched if he made a mistake, and that's a bad environment to play in. Bla bla bla. We get it.