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Stephen Bowen, Phil Costa End Feud, Make Cowboys Vs. Redskins More Boring

IT'S DALLAS WEEK CAN YOU FEEL THE PASSION REDSKINS FANS?!?!?! Actually, no, we can't, because this has got to be the lamest Cowboys vs. Redskins buildup I've ever witnessed. And now, thanks to Stephen Bowen being too nice, it's become even lamer.

You may remember how Bowen and former teammate Phil Costa got into it after the first game between these two teams when Costa and Tony Romo accused Bowen of stealing Dallas' snap counts. This made Bowen, a former Cowboy, very mad and caused him to say he "lost respect" for Costa. You'd think this feud would continue into this weekend's game.

But you'd be wrong.

In a conference call with Dallas reporters on Wednesday, Bowen said him and Costa have hashed it out.

"After that whole thing, Phil called me, and we talked, and it’s no big thing," Bowen said on a conference call. "We’ve moved past that, and it’s all good."

And now, the two enemies are metaphorically dancing in a circle and singing Kumbaya. Come on, you guys. FEUD! GET ANGRY!