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NFL Injury Report, San Francisco 49ers: Braylon Edwards And Michael Crabtree Limited

The San Francisco 49ers are on a hot streak as they head cross country to play the Washington Redskins. Two key defensive players missed time for the 49ers today in defensive end Justin Smith and Ray McDonald, though Justin Smith's was not due to injury. McDonald was out dealing with a hamstring injury.

Five players were limited during practice: wide receiver Michael Crabtree (foot), cornerback Chris Culliver (shoulder), wide receiver Braylon Edwards (knee), safety Dashon Goldson (knee) and running back Moran Norris (fibula).

Both Edwards and Crabtree have missed time with injuries this season, but the 49ers offense has been able to make due and score enough points to win. Both wide receivers played last week against the Cleveland Browns, but their impacts were minimal. Both are also expected to play again this weekend against the Redskins.

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