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Kyle Orton Released By Broncos, But Shouldn't Be A Redskins Option

Kyle Orton was released by the Denver Broncos on Tuesday, and the Washington Redskins' Twitterverse is debating whether the Redskins should sign him, given the sorry state of their quarterback situation. Former Redskins player Shawn Springs is one who says they should, saying this to 106.7 The Fan:

Shawn Springs on LaVar and Dukes: "If I'm them [Redskins],and Kyle Orton is on the wire right now, I'm going to get him today."

My official position: no thanks.

We all know how much Mike Shanahan sticks to his system, and asking someone like Orton to just pick it up immediately is a tough sell. Orton's not that much better than Rex Grossman and there's really no point in trying to kick the tires to save the season because there's no season to be saved. You think Orton can come in here and dramatically change fortunes for six games? Didn't think so.

The only argument I can think of is that Orton could be a vet placeholder next year. Even then, I'd rather just let the rookie quarterback do his thing.